Worried about your child’s speech & language skills?

Convenient, personalised speech and language therapy for children in Greater Manchester.


Is your child:

  • not yet using words, using very few words for his age or a late talker?
  • getting stuck on words or sounds, displaying a stammer or stutter?
  • struggling to use certain speech sounds or words and having difficulty being understood?
  • struggling to understand spoken language or follow instructions?

We provide:

  • A free initial telephone consultation to discuss how we can help you.
  • A full assessment and evaluation of your child’s speech, language and communication skills including feedback and recommendations.
  • Comprehensive assessment reports.
  • Regular sessions in your home, primary school, pre-school or nursery.


For Parents

If your child has difficulty with speaking, they may need help, or they may struggle in nursery or at school. With the right help, your child can develop the skills they need to thrive.



For Schools

Communication is a vital life skill – without it, children will struggle to make friends, learn and to reach their full potential.


Small Talk blog

Glue ear (or otitis media with effusion: OME) is a build-up of fluid in the middle ear that can often cause problems with hearing. According to NHS figures, it is estimated that 1 in 5 children around the age of two will be affected by glue ear at any given time and about 8 in 10 will have had it at least once by the age of 10 years.

Have you ever thought about the purpose of a baby’s babble? “…babbabaaaa…didididid…mama mama…gugugugugu…” This pattern of repetitive sound-making is actually a very significant and important stage in your child’s language development. A recent study found that the age at which your baby starts to babble predicts when he will say his first words!

Reading books to your child helps their minds grow and develop because you’re introducing them to new worlds outside of their immediate environment. With the use of book-reading, you can also lay the foundation for their future reading and writing skills.